Luckily, it is not difficult to establish these networks as foreign businessmen are also interesting parties for Indonesians. It is highly recommended to become acquainted with cultural values beforehand in order to know how to socialize with Indonesian business partners and Indonesian employees as well as to grasp Indonesia's business culture. This will make your business more efficient and effective, especially in the long term.

This section aims to provide an accurate overview of the Indonesian business environment by sharing detailed information on Indonesian companies and commodities. At the same time it will also discuss obstacles to the business environment that are hampering efficiency and effectiveness for economic and social development. Moreover, this section can function as a reference point for those wanting to start a business and/or planning to live in Jakarta as it contains detailed information about certain legal issues such as obtaining the necessary permits for establishing a company or another legal entity. Of course Indonesia Investments can connect you to agencies specialized in these matters and act as a mediator.

Our Business section also provides suggestions concerning strategic living or office accommodations and gives some tips for behavioral patterns when socializing with Indonesians. Enterprises or individuals that want to start doing business in Indonesia and offer services or goods globally (or are in search for specific services or goods) are welcome to advertise on our Business Platform.

Business Columns

The Business Columns section contains articles with an in-depth analysis of subjects at the heart of the Indonesian business world. Together, these columns should provide a clear and detailed image of a wide scope of subjects in Indonesia's business sector and inform about developments within this field. It can serve as a source for investment ideas but it also deals with the negative aspects of (doing) business in Indonesia in order to obtain an objective view.

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Indonesian Company Profiles

This section is an ever-expanding catalogue of Indonesian company files, both publicly traded at the Indonesia Stock Exchange and privately-held or state-owned companies. Each company file provides a comprehensive outline of the company in order to give insight into its business(es) and performance. It presents an overview of basic corporate data, future prospects and provides conducted interviews with management and other stakeholders.

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Indonesia contains an abundance of commodities such as coal, gold and gas. A negative side effect in the case of Indonesia, however, is the country's over-dependency on the export of (raw) commodities. Downstream processing industries still lag behind although the government is making efforts to push for the development of such downstream industries. This section discusses the diverse and high traded Indonesian commodities separately, and in detail.

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Industries & Sectors

This section on our website presents detailed analyses and overviews of specific industries and sectors within the Indonesian economy, including the automotive industry, tourism, (Islamic) banking, property, as well as the tobacco industry. These analyses will give you insight into the sector: what is the historic background? What are the latest developments? Who are the main players? What are the risks? What is Indonesia's position in the broader world perspective?

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Indonesia is a promising country from a macroeconomic perspective but also entails more risks than investing in a developed country due to a number of specific political, social and cultural dynamics of the country. This section aims to provide some insight into these country-specific obstacles to successful investments and hopes to contribute to a better understanding of the country, thereby reducing chances of failure.

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Foreign Investment

This section is devoted to foreign direct investment in Indonesia, specifically the establishment of the necessary legal entities to start doing business or market your products/services in Indonesia. We focus on the process to set up a foreign investment limited liability company (in Indonesian: Perseroan Terbatas Penanaman Modal Asing, PT PMA) and a representative office (Kantor Perwakilan Perusahaan Asing, or, KPPA).

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Working & Living

For someone who is not or barely acquainted with Indonesia it can be difficult to find his or her way. It will take perseverance to arrange organizational matters (such as arranging a work permit, establishing a company or finding a place to live) while adjusting to a new culture that differs markedly from his own. This section deals with Indonesia's regulatory framework and other (cultural) information needed to ease the process of settling in Indonesia for business or private purposes.

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Business Platform

Our Business Platform is intended to function as an online meeting point for companies or individuals that seek to advertise their services or goods and those that are in need of such matters. Both sides can put an advertisement on this platform in order to attract attention on a global stage. Companies, institutions and organizations can also announce events here (if in accordance with our regulations). For more information, please contact us here.

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