Special attention is given to the pressures that stemmed from the United States (US) as they impacted on Indonesian assets. It involves tough negotiations surrounding the US debt ceiling and a US Federal Reserve that might still have reason to raise its benchmark interest rate in June 2023.

Another interest matter is that Johnny G. Plate, Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information, was arrested for his alleged involvement in a corruption case. This is an opportunity for us to - not only discuss this latest corruption case - but also to put it into broader historic perspective.

Meanwhile, Indonesia hosted the 42nd ASEAN Summit in May 2023. This presents us with an opportunity to take a closer look at ASEAN and the latest summit.

Another topic that is important is Indonesia's Q1-2023 economic growth. As Indonesia's Statistical Agency (BPS) has already released the data, it is now possible to make an accurate analysis. Indonesia experienced sound growth in the first quarter, particularly thanks to household consumption and exports. We offer a full analysis in the relevant chapter of the May 2023 report.

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