Our Vision and Philosophy

The current ongoing economic shift from West to East has generated significant and increasing interest for giant emerging economies such as China and India. Not far behind these two giant economies, Indonesia - a country we label as 'sleeping giant' - has fully recovered from the Asian Financial Crisis that emerged in the late 1990s and has been showing continuous robust macroeconomic growth for almost a decade; growth that is forecast to continue at an even higher pace if certain conditions are met.

However, based on our experience we feel that three matters are at issue:

Indonesia's economic potential still seems to be relatively unknown to most foreign investors
The difficulty of doing business in Indonesia due to the country's complex business environment
A seemingly lack of understanding regarding the country's social, cultural and religious dynamics

Therefore, we see a role for Indonesia Investments in - not only investing directly - but also in functioning as a bridge between Indonesia and the West through the provision of accurate, thorough and objective information regarding the current state of the Indonesian economy and society as a whole (written by academically trained Indonesia experts) and by functioning as a link between foreign investors and our network in Indonesia (which includes business associations, governmental institutions and private enterprises). Lastly, and in line with our philosophy, we feel that economic development should contribute to welfare and prosperity for all segments of the population. This value will be given continuous consideration.

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