A basis that is established by developing contacts with all layers of society: businesses, government, cultural institutions, the people as well as the forming of a well-balanced writers’ team which will contribute regularly, if not daily, to the contents of this website, covering all possible levels and matters.

Over the next period, a continuously expanding shortlist of Indonesian company files will be developed based on our research which includes interviews - conducted by our writers’ team - with the management of these companies. A particular company will be visited, analyzed and its data will be made available on the Business section of Indonesia-Investments. From this shortlist model portfolios will be compiled, of which the companies are selected based on specific criteria or themes that will be expounded in further detail at a later stage.

Developments in Indonesia's economy and business climate will be followed closely and reported on by our writers’ team, including periodical guest columns written by expert contributors. A number of subjects that will receive continuous attention are:

Raw materials and food products of which Indonesia contains abundant quantities; this includes commodity futures markets, food production and government policy.

Indonesian Government bonds will be discussed in relation to the underlying Indonesian rupiah (IDR) versus the major currencies in the world.

Regular, if not daily, updates regarding economic, political and social developments in Indonesia.

In the months ahead, existing contacts with the (local) government and businesses will be strengthened (or intensified), while new contacts will be established. Occasionally, these developments will be reported on on our website. Ultimately, Indonesia Investments intends to develop projects - in cooperation with the Indonesian government or private businesses - in which followers of our website are able to participate through knowledge-sharing and/or through a financial stake.

In addition to supporting the small and medium enterprises through, for example, micro credits or special investment programs, we aim - in line with our background - to play our part in housing construction or urban planning (both social and commercial) either through fill-in locations and/or urban acupuncture (Jaime Lerner).

Join us - also for developing the website of Indonesia Investments in the months ahead. We will gladly inform you about all developments, either through direct communication or through our newsletter.

Remarks, comments and ideas are always welcome and highly appreciated!

Director of Van der Schaar Investments B.V.
Holding company of Indonesia-Investments