By frequently following the contents of this section, one will be kept updated on key news stories that shape the future of Indonesia. Aside from discussing its internal affairs, attention is also devoted to Indonesia's interaction with today's global world. The publications in this section are subdivided into two categories, namely Today's Headlines and News Columns. Both these categories are outlined below.

Indonesia Investments takes great care in providing news of the highest possible quality. Three keywords that characterize our standard are accuracy, unbiasedness and factuality which form the foundation for 'informed assessment to invest and communicate'.

As we move more and more stories to our monthly research reports, we also refer you to these reports to follow all key stories.

Today's Headlines

Today's Headlines is a mostly daily updated section which monitors the latest and most important news from Indonesia. It displays a selection of current headlines in Indonesia's media. The main focus will be on political, economic and social matters in order to provide a good and clear view on Indonesian society and Indonesia's investment climate. These news articles are intended to provide the reader a glimpse into what is happening in Indonesia today.

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News Columns

Indonesia Investments' News Columns section contains a tight selection of in-depth analyses with regard to the most important news on the topic of politics, economics and social issues in Indonesia. In contrast to the Today's Headlines section above, which is more focused on providing the latest headlines and therefore lacks a certain level of profundity, the News Columns section provides articles with a more thorough analysis.

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